Man planned to kill Wangunjiri after cons impersonating her threatened, swindled them

Evangelist Lucy Wangunjiri with President Uhuru Kenyatta reading a Bible verse.

A man from Kiambu County plotted to get a gun and kill Evangelist Lucy Wangunjiri because their family lost money to a con woman who used the evangelist’s name to swindle them.

The man from Gathanga village admitted to a shocked Wangunjiri that he was in process of hiring a gun or find an alternative to eliminate evangelist who runs Prayers Beyond Boundaries Ministries at Ngara, Nairobi and a gospel show on Kameme FM.

The family fell victim of a woman identified as Winnie Muthoni Munga who hails from their village she deceived them she was living with Wangunjiri who had tortured her husband and children and was allegedly dating Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

Illustration of a man about to commit crime with a gun.

Muthoni, the con asked them to assist the family. Their sister who lives abroad gave Muthoni Sh200, 000. Unknowingly, they fell into another trap that the fake Sonko and Wangunjiri had learnt they were assisting the evangelist’s husband and son.

They were threatened by the Sonko and Wangunjiri imposters to give money or be killed. They had lost over Sh1 million to the three fraudsters when the man decided the solution was to kill the real Wangunjiri.

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“When I got wind of the extortionists using my name I urged the victim family to report to police. We met at Pangani Police Station and their relative even refused to shake hands with me only later to tell me he was planning to kill me thinking I was the person who brought sorrow and aguish to their lives” Wangunjiri said.

Evangelist Lucy Wangunjiri and her husband Lameck Ngunjiri praying in Church

This family broke down in tears and said they had started anti-Wangunjiri campaign in their village. “Luckily by the time they got the truth he had not acquired gun to murder me” Wangunjiri told Gikuyu Bulletin.


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