Man cuts friend’s genitals in Murang’a

The victim undergoing treatment at Murang'a Hospital.

In Kamahuha village of Murang’a county, a 51-year-old man is without his manhood that was chopped off by a male friend he was drinking with on Wednesday night.

The man who is a father was in company of his attacker identified as Gerald Mbugua. Mbugua kept threatening to circumcise him for the second time as they imbibed in their centre.

They left at around 2am Thursday and went to the victim’s home. In the morning the drunk man woke up to find his genitals missing. He started screaming and was taken to Murang’a Level Five Hospital.

Relatives of the victim at Murang’a Hospital.

“Throughout the journey, Mbugua kept on telling me that he would circumcise me for a second time. I treated his threat as a bad joke, blaming his statement on the excess alcohol that we had taken,” the victim narrated.

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The part of his genitals chopped off was however not found and now doctors are devising a way they will help him pee even without the complete penis.

Murang’a County Health Boss Dr Joseph Mbai said he had bled a lot but there is hope he will be back on foot and able to relieve himself though he is unlikely to use his organ for conjugal satisfaction anymore.

Mbugua has since been arrested and is expected to be arraigned in court. Residents blame the shocking incident on rising use of drug abuse in the area.


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