Yuck!!: CCTV captures city maid pooping and peeing in kitchen

Man puking. [Courtesy]

A city tenant has shared shocking CCTV clips showing their house-help doing the unthinkable in the kitchen. It is said it happened at Nyayo Estate. The woman, seemingly past her 40s had a long and short call in the kitchen.

From the CCTV dates, the incident happened mid this month. On January 14 while preparing the meal she pooped in a paper bag then folded it and dropped the filthy stuff in a dust bin. (watch Video Below)

The following day she urinated inside a jug she had earlier used to draw water for cooking. She then pours it in the sink. Yuck. It appears she either has not been taught how to use the modern toilet or either she is mentally unfit. Or could it be some witchcraft?. (Watch Video Below).


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