Lucy Wangunjiri and husband's wedding in 1995.

Evangelist Lucy wa Ngunjiri has celebrated 25 years of marriage to her husband Lameck Ngunjiri.

They wedded on August 5, 1995 but their marriage faced challenges immediately after honeymoon.

She said were it not for commitment and resilience, they would have gone separate ways in the first year of their marriage.

While she was getting married she had suffered violence at the hands of her father back in their Muthithi village of Kigumo, Murang’a County.

The couple celebrating 25 years of marriage.

She had vowed never to get married but Ngunjiri won her heart.

“When my husband and I got married, we discovered that we were complete opposites. We started arguing after honeymoon, and from there things were just up and down with no joy though our family and friends thought we lived in a bed of roses” she disclosed.

She said they loved each other but the problem was that they did not get along because of attitude and belief system.

The anniversary celebrations.

The marriage was salvaged by a vow they made to not let their problems reach to a point of divorce.

She said; “But we had made a vow, and we decided divorce was not an option. I refused to let go even in my pain and we got counseling that proved I had too much Pride in me. I thought I was too good for Lameck. I thought I deserved something better and understanding than he was”.

Evangelist Wa Ngunjiri and her husband praying in Church

They sacrificed to enable them honour their commitment to each other and though they struggled for 10 years, they are now a happy family.

The couple has two children; Leon Ngunjiri and Lyne Ngunjiri.

With their son Leon Ngunjiri (In Specs)

The couple runs Prayers Beyond Boundaries Ministries at Ngara, Nairobi and on Sunday mornings Wa Ngunjiri has a preaching show on Kameme FM.


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