Looting spree as Sany descends on buildings in Githurai

Demolition at Githurai.

Section of Githurai and Zimmerman residents had a field day as demolition team brought down some structures sitting on a public land along the Thika Superhighway.

The dreaded Sany under heavy protection of police descended on the buildings at the section that sits on Githurai 44 and Zimmerman area, bringing down residential building, a market, a farming business and some garages.

And for two days, men and women have ransacked anything they could find as police officers watched from a distance.

Youths carting away shell of a vehicle.

A popular property owner identified as Kirima and said to own several properties in the contentious area that has been developing rapidly lost several junky cars, some with body intact and others some still with vital parts.

Stolen vehicle dragged on the road.

“More than 10 vehicles have been carted away, loaded on mikokoteni, pushed or towed away by young men. They will source spare parts from some and others will be turned into scrap metals” a young man told Gikuyu Bulletin as he hauled away shell of a Tuktuk.

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Tuktuk being ferried away from the site.

Junky cars taken away included Range Rovers, Land Rovers, Toyotas, Tuktuks and motorbikes.

It is also said some cows were stolen from a nearby Destiny Farm. Doors, Iron sheets, concrete mixer and hardware items were looted too.

This junky Range Rover was not spared.

The prime land has been in contention for years. Market stalls were put there some years back but were not occupied and have since been knocked down.

Everybody wanted to take home something from the demolished structures.
Green Sany was ruthless.
The structures were flattened completely.


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