Last night was with your mum, Kabogo tells his Twitter follower

William Kabogo fumigating his compound. [Photo: Courtesy]

Former Kiambu County Governor William Kabogo lost cool and responded to a Twitter follower in a livid manner that roped in his mother.

Kabogo posted on Twitter page his photos while fumigating his green yard at his palatial home in the city’s suburb. He captioned it; “Must kill dudus”.

However Warsame, one of his followers tweet back saying; “Grabbed land!”, a statement that irritated Kabogo who fired back scathing response.

Kabogo told Warsame; “Your family land isn’t it? Last night was with your mum and she didn’t say anything”.

William Kabogo’s response to his tweeter follower.

What was supposed to be conversation around Kabogo’s pastime turned a cross-fire, with some followers saying he beat the man hands down. Here are some responses.

myk maliq 💥💵‏ @mykdjmaliq Replying to @honkabogo

Kabogo has to be my new found friend on twitter. This guy is just intresting nikiamka lazima ni log in i see what he has to say.

Wambui M’mithiaru 🇰🇪‏ @dany_wambui  Replying to @honkabogo Thats a hard tackle mhesh, fair play plz

maumau‏ @maumau95204684 Replying to @honkabogo Usiogope kujibu washenzi Kama hawa, be like @HonMosesKuria ikue ikue ungeita yeye nyau

Ray‏ @Rayjohannes_Ray Replying to @honkabogo Why are you so disrespectful of women?…have you forgotten your insensitivity towards women cost you that seat?….old dogs can’t learn new tricks nimeamini!

Ahmednasir Abdullahi SC‏ @ahmednasirlaw Governor…excellent answer…shit with shit…


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