Listeners furious as Kameme FM sacks Man Nyari

Man Nyari with President Uhuru Kenyatta in Kameme FM studio.

Sackings going on in the Kenyatta-owned Mediamax Limited has claimed Kameme FM’s host Njuguna Gicheha alias Man Nyari.

He hosted Njanjo Ya Muturire, an emotional re-union show that had a massive listenership. It was aired on Saturday mornings, simultaneously on radio and Kameme TV.

He was liked by fans but this morning they woke to a rude shock. Nyari had been sent home and the show assigned a fellow presenter Wamucii wa Kinyari.

Man Nyari, presenter-cum-musician.

Nyari is among dozens of employees in Mediamax, largely journalists who have been shown the door this week as the company cuts cost.

The journalist-cum-musician expressed disappointment with the move by his employer saying;

“You expected as usual to hear me on Kameme FM and Kameme TV which didn’t happen. I also feel disappointed but one thing I know there is God in heaven who always vindicate his people…… I know God has placed an open door before me”.

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His fans took to social media criticising Kameme’s management and some even vowing to cease listening to it.

Rebekita Becks What’s happening man nyari, the program is so boring without you. May God be with you wherever you go… so heart broken

Nancy Paul; Sitaki maswali lakini nimehama kamemefm kabisa.

Emotional moments during Man Nyari’s show.

Anita Kamesh Haki am sooo disappointed. I thought it was a joke only to wake up early to watch my favourite njanjo program. Jesus have mercy.

MC Jombuka I have checked the program this morning and it’s very boring. Could not watch it, tuned to other channels.

Julius Gichinga I am greatly disappointed but the way you have said is true.

Caroline Njoki What a distasteful turn of events.u gave hope, u gave smiles,may God rem the good deeds n do something.

Relatives embracing each other inside Kameme FM’s studio during Njanjo Ya Muturire show.

Mary Paul NJogu Wamucii is fit in preaching.not leading such a for me,kameme out heading to another station.

Racheal Extrovert Njambi I slept I didn’t even have the spirit of listening today’s njajo without you in studio.

Francis Gachanja I woke up early today just to be disappointed.



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