Lift in a private car costs woman Sh200, 000 in Kirinyaga


What she thought was gentleness extended to her turned out to be a plan to con a woman at Ngurubani, Kirinyaga county.

Jane Miano, 45 was offered a lift in a private car with three occupants but in a short distance she had lost Sh200, 000.

It turned the people she thought were benevolent were actually fraudsters and apparently, they have been in that game for long in the area.

She was heading towards Makutano when the three approached her at the stage and offered her a lift.

Two women in the vehicle kept her busy in a conversation and when they reached a trading centre with a supermarket they gave her Sh100 to buy water.

Miano feeling confident with the three strangers left her pursue with Sh200, 000 in the vehicle and when she returned, they were long gone.

She told a local media she was heading to rice for her business. She reported the matter at Wang’uru police station.


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