Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria.

Kenyans eagerly waited for legislator Moses Kuria to drop bombshell on the gruesome killing of IEBC Information and communication Technology Manager Chris Msando in July 29, 2017 but he ended up explaining how he found himself where the slain’s car had been dumped in Roysambu.

The outspoken MP had on Sunday promise to spill the beans on the murder that triggered tension in the country.

Yesterday at Parliament building he said he has been unfairly linked to the murder for volunteering information.

Moses Kuria posing next to Msando’s car hours after Msando was kidnapped and murdered.

When Msando went missing, hours later his car was spotted at Roysambu area. Kuria rushed to the scene and took a photo pointing at the car with a scathing caption. He later deleted it after it was established Msando had been murdered and his body alongside another lady dumped at a Kiambu forest.

It was expected Kuria would share the secret but he only explained his situation, threatening to sue those who would continue linking him up with the killing.

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“I have had to live with a barrage of innuendos and accusations over the death of Msando for more than two years now,” he said.

He went on; “I must now say enough is enough. I really want to bring this matter to an end. Any further linkage of my name to the disappearance will be dealt with by the courts.”

Kuria added: “No one is immune to, or happy with these kinds of accusations. I only volunteered information. I wonder why you, the media, the opposition and the civil society are not putting pressure on police to tell what they did with the investigation.”.


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