Kuria claims Waiguru carry six-inch lipsticks

MP Kuria claims Governor Anne Waiguru has a huge lipstick.

Pathetic state of Kerugoya County Referral Hospital exposed by media yesterday has prompted Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria to criticise the area Governor in a strange way.

Kuria confronted Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru claiming she has forgotten her work and cares only about huge lipsticks and other things she carry around to spruce herself up.

Kuria told Waiguru; “There is more to public service than 6 inch lipstick and plunder of NYS resources”. It is unclear what message Kuria intended by revealing the size of the lipsticks she has.

Moses Kuria claims he knows size of Waiguru’s lipstick.

“If you have no heart, no conscience, no passion, no connection with people’s problems, no first account with poverty, no tears, no empathy-get the hell out of public service” he added.

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The hospital is in lamentable state after 200 casual worker were sacked. Garbage is rotting in the wards, dirty linen pilling up, blocked water sinks and toilets full of faeces and stinking water and no running water.

Dirty linen and rotting garbage dot the hospital. [Photo: Courtesy]
After the expose the county rushed to sort out the mess today morning but resident and Kenyans at large continue to bash Waiguru.

Blocked water sink with stinking water. [Photo: Courtesy]


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