The bodaboda rider 'kidnapped' himself on September 3. [Photo: Courtesy]

A bodaboda operator in Sagana, Kirinyaga county has been arrested by police after he staged a kidnapping and squeezed Sh40, 000 from friends rescuing him from the nonexistent captors.

The 30-year-old Wilson Maina Wamugunda ‘kidnapped himself’ on September 3. Used some people to call family and friends to ask for ransom or else he would be killed.

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He directed them the number to send money. While his friends and kins were sending money to the purported kidnappers, police were laying traps.

Wilson Maina Wamugunda was found in possession of Sh40, 000 he ransomed kins, friends.

He was arrested with Sh40, 000 and on interrogation he revealed what transpired. Mwea West OCPD Stephen Wenda said they are gathering more information from him and will be arraigned in court.


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