Kinangop dairy emptying lethal waste into river

Hazardous waste from Kinangop dairy Limited draining into Kinja river. [Photo: Courtesy]

Kinangop Dairy Limited owned by farmers in Nyandarua County has been draining its untreated discharge into Kinja River that is major source of water for residents downstream.

It is said this has been going on for years yet the authorities turn a blind but now some residents have decided to speak out.

The plant does not have a sewerage treatment plant and to hurt more diverting the hazardous waste into the second biggest feeder of Lake Naivasha is done openly and with impunity.

Kinja River has been contaminated with lethal waste from Kinangop Dairy Limited. [Photo: Courtesy]
“The public should know of the impunity with which Kinangop Dairy Limited is conducting its operations. It has been exposing people who live downstream and who depend on the river for domestic use and feeding their animals to unprecedented hazards” a resident said.

the deadly effluent ends in l. naivasha, source of fish for a big market

The local who shared photos of the milk plant’s sewer draining into the river said the contamination has found its way into fish gotten from Lake Naivasha.

“The fish you eat from Lake Naivasha is contaminated with industrial waste from this plant. This Dairy plant has been operating without a sewerage treatment plant” he said.

Kinangop Dairy Limited emptying waste into Kinja River. [Photo: Courtesy]
He suspected the management compromised environmental organisations like NEMA who should have by now unearthed the mischief and cracked a whip.



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