Kikuyu musicians start multi-million venture in Murang’a

Some of Kikuyu musicians after they formed Tamco.

After Kikuyu musicians united and formed Talented Musicians and Composers (Tamco) in October last year, they have embarked on a multi-million investments.

About 300 of them bought a land at Kenol Town, Murang’a County worth Sh10 million where they intend to build rental apartments and a modern music recording studio to grow the industry and upcoming singers.

Tamco chairman John De’Mathew said they agreed to put their differences aside and united in honour of late musical legend Mzee Joseph Kamaru. Attempts to unite the Mt Kenya region musicians have failed severally for years.

Under Tamco Kikuyu musicians are planning to build rental buildings.

“We have an investment that in the coming years will be a major source of our income. The music studio will be used to assist the upcoming musicians,” De’Mathew said.

Last year President Uhuru Kenyatta invited musician to State House to express their grievances but a section of Kikuyu artists squabbled and when the dispute spiraled out State House canceled it.

A modern recording studio is part of their agenda. [Photo: Courtesy]
Uhuru in late January re-invited them saying he was ready to discuss the future of the music industry in Kenya.


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