Kigumo Constituency legislator Wangari Mwaniki is mooting a talent search programme that apparently emulates the America’s “Got Talent” programme.

The first time MP proposes a “Kigumo’s Got Talent” focusing on promoting budding music, performing arts and dance artists in Kigumo, Kinyona, Muthithi, Kangari and Kahumbu wards and have winners awarded.

Her concept borrows from US franchise famed for “American’s Got Talent”, “Britain’s Got Talent” and similar such programmes across 56 other countries.

The Kigumo lawmaker says she is hoping to nurture talents in her area that has also produced notable vernacular musicians.

Kigumo MP Wangari Mwaniki

“I am in support of promoting talents among the youths. Winners per ward will meet the winners in other wards to determine the overall winners. Dates of the auditions will be announced in due course” says Wangari.

Her idea comes days after neighbouring Gatanga constituency started such a programme to re-awaken Gatanga’s reputation of producing musicians.

Gatanga’s programme will have winners perform alongside distinguished musicians like John Demathew, Gachathi wa Thuo, Kariuki wa Kiarutara, Njeri wa Gatanga Timona Mburu, Peter Kigia and Daniel Kamau (D.K) for Gatanga Night at Carnivore on November 9.


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