Kiengei says there was no happiness in their marriage, they agreed to separate

Living together and separating was our choice, respect it-Kiengei

Muthee Kiengei and his ex-wife Keziah Kariuki.

Kameme TV and Radio presenter Benson Gathungu alias Muthee Kiengei has revealed what broke his marriage with Keziah Kariuki, a gospel musician and Kameme TV host.

Kiengei who’s also nicknamed Guka wa Nairobi claimed there was no happiness in their marriage but even after they separated he is still in good terms with his ex-wife and daughter.

“We decided I go find happiness, she too find happiness. Find joy and peace. But we are not enemies. It is not a must you will stay happy in marriage. People in marriages are killing each other. Achievement in marriage is happiness, peace and growth” Kiengei disclosed.

Muthee Kiengei’s new wife Joyceline Ngaru (left) and his ex-wife Keziah Kariuki (right).

He added; “Living together and separating was our choice. Whatever choice we did was our choice. And so I would urge people to respect other people’s choices. This is our life”.

In February Keziah said their marriage collapsed after Kiengei brought another woman into their home. “I had to walk out. I was heartbroken and would weep live on TV” she said.

On Valentine day Kiengei made it public he was dating a younger lady identified as Joyceline Ngaru. He posted their romantic moments triggering a talk that has now prompted him to respond.

Happy Days: Muthee Kiengei and Keziah Kariuki.

He said they agreed to bring up their daughter together and above that they are also friends at DSM Place, their workplace along Kijabe Street, Nairobi.

“Our daughter is in school, living a good life the way she could have lived if Keziah and I are still together. We work together and she advises me. We share money because we are not enemies” he claimed.

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He said he was tormented by talks and posts from fans pestering and accusing him of betraying Keziah.

“It was my decision to marry. She moved on well and she is happy and me too. I am not a priest that is should not marry and my life or hers should not stop” Kiengei reacted.


  1. He pretends to be a man of God. If Jesus was okay, why would she weep on TV? He is trash.. going for the next hot and young thing just because he got some few coins. SMH.

  2. Kiengei and keziah made the right choices.If they were not living together happily,it is okay for each one of them to find happiness but at some point kiengei was wrong when he brought another woman while still with keziah

  3. Keziah should not worry. They say “muka mukuru acokagirirwo na maithori”. This new flame will also age and loose shape and then itakuwa tena ooh there is no more happiness ooh..


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