Kenyan charged with murders of 22 elderly women in USA

Billy Chemirmir.

A man from Eldama Ravine is facing death penalty over killing of 22 grannies in Texas, USA.

Billy Chemirmir, 47 has been living in America since 1990s. He posed as maintenance worker to access the houses of the vulnerable women, kill them and take away some items.

He was arrested while trying to sell a gold chain stolen from one of the victim he killed. Detectives narrowed down on the other murders to him.

Some of the elderly women Billy Chemirmir is accused of murdering. [Photo: Courtesy]
Initially Chemirmir worked as a home healthcare. In 2018 and last year he was charged of some murders.

He was given a bail of Sh1.6 billion but is unable to raise it.

Through his lawyer he insists he is innocent but as things stand evidence available tie him to the heinous crimes.

He was given a bail of Sh1.6 billion which he has not been able to pay. If found guilty he will serve the rest of his life in prison.


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