Kanyundo endears himself to fans after backlash

Fans criticised him saying fame and money had ‘misled’ him.

Salim Young aka Kanyundo

Secular singer Salim Young alias Kanyundo has apologised to his fans, a week after he refused to perform at Klub Liquid Cash in Thika leaving revelers furious and club management embarrassed.

However, his apology seems to target his regular Githurai 44 fans he says have not seen him for long. It dodges the embarrassing Thika show.

Last Friday he was to perform at Klub Liquid Cash alongside upcoming musicians but he arrived there on Saturday morning, drunk and failed to perform. Fans trolled him on social media saying fame and money had ‘misled’ him.

Today he appeared to endear himself to his supporters and even invited them for a Valentine Mugithi gig at Small Villa Kinyumba Club in Githurai 44.

He said; “To all my fans, I am sorry for being away. I was a bit busy but now am back. Nawaalika hii valentine mje tusherehekee pamoja Small Villa. Nyote mwakaribishwa”

Word has it that he was shocked how fans criticised his actions at Klub Liquid Cash. “Fans backlash shook him.  I hope he will avoid such scenarios in future” a friend hinted.


  1. Do you guys know that he had an accident that very night at this road… Or you only talk about the ills of people,? Be realistic

    • As his fan who spent money waiting for him at Klub Liquid Cash would wish to know where accident happened? what transpired? Was Klub management told this because it was not said in the apology? why he did not update it on his social platform for fans to know why he failed to perform (if accident story is true)? And why he later came to the club drunk? Until these questions are answered it remains was just madarau.

  2. Mwas chairman, sio kila kitu huanikwa.kanyundo had an accident on his way to thika thats y he was late na kwanza he went to hosi then to thika ndio asidissapoint his funs bt the management wakamkataza kuperform eti he is late without kujua what had happened.so next tym before you judge chunguza .


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