Nairobi askaris towing a car in City Centre. [Photo: Courtesy]

 Nairobi County has a team of crooked askaris who are arresting taxi and tuk-tuk operators on trumped up charges then charge them double the set charges.

Even though the operators pay the parking fees they are apprehended, towed and the towing charges are inflated from the set Sh1, 000 to Sh2, 500.

Nairobi City askaris beating up a tuk-tuk operator in City Centre.

Nairobi Central MCA Daniel Ngegi said the corrupt askaris operate along Tom Mboya where they first demand bribes not to arrest the operators, failure to which they apprehend them.

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Nairobi Central MCA Daniel Ngegi.

“Their vehicles are towed and charged more than double the set fee. They are arrested from the parking lots as early as 7 a.m. And when they pay their fines they are towed again as punishment” Ngegi said.

The loot is shared amongst askaris and the revenue collection officers in City Hall.


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