Kamaru’s Carnivore debut show drove women crazy

Ladies removed their inner wears and threw them on stage

Mugithi event at Carnivore Restaurant. [Photo: Gikuyu Bulletin]

Fallen Kikuyu Benga maestro Mzee Joseph Kamaru was the first Kenyan to perform at Carnivore Restaurant in the 1980s, then a Whites-only entertainment venue.

Carnivore was established in Lang’ata in 1980 but was for the moneyed customers and entertainment was exclusively Western-oriented.

However, Kamaru’s performance swept the audience to a point ladies went crazy and mobbed him with underwears.

Late Mzee Joseph Kamaru

In an interview with Comedian Churchill Kamaru revealed it thus; “I was shocked when excited women started throwing their underwears to me. At first I thought they were undressing but a friend whispered to me they come with them in their handbags”

Tossing underwear to Kamaru was a kind of appreciation popular with party women globally when male artists thrill them.

So vibrant was the show that alcohol and meat run out before midnight. “It reached a point the club owners started searching for goats to slaughter at night” he revealed.

Carnivore owner Martin Dunford says Kamaru’s splendid performance opened doors for other Kenyan artists and bands to perform there. Today the venue hosts two or more African events every week.


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