Nairobi County Assembly.

William Kabogo is proposing the abolishment of seats for nominated leaders to ease burden of expenditure on taxpayers.

Kenya has 2, 585 leaders in County Assemblies, August House and Senate and of this, 798 are nominated MCAs, MPs and Senators. These seats are estimated to cost taxpayers Sh3 billions annually.

“The position of those nominated for MPs, MCAs and Senators should be scrapped as they are all about discrimination as those awarded constitutes of relatives and political cronies, the nomination subject Kenyans to heavy taxation to sustain the lifestyle of those nominated” Kabogo says.

He says besides the strain on budget, the nominations have been turned into rewards to relatives and political cronies. He says women have reached a point they can battle out with men for elective seats and sail through easily.

“We have good lists of women who are governors, MPs, and MCAs who competed against men and won” he says.

He also proposes that money spent to sustain flashy lifestyles of politicians should be channeled to the development agenda.

Kabogo idea mirrors Gatundu MP Moses Kuria’s “Punguza Mzigo Punda Amechoka” move to trim political seats sinking taxpayers’ money but it flopped.


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