Joy as NAMU breaks monopoly of Kigumo Travellers

Kigumo Travellers Vs Namu.

It is a relief in Kigumo, Murang’a county after an unruly matatu sacco that had monopoly of the route for years got a competitor.

Kigumo Travellers Sacco that operated in rough manner was sole matatu sacco along Kaharati-Kangari, Murang’a-Maragua-Murang’a, Kangari-Kiriaini Routes and also sneaked into Kangari-Kandara-Kabati route.

Such a monopoly has never happened elsewhere in Kenya, even in the worst places like Dandora, Kayole and Mathare.

Kigumo Travellers matatu along Kaharati-Kangari route. [Photo: Courtesy]
Commuters and other operators were suffering in the hands of the sacco that was protected by Mungiki youths but now NTSA has licensed NAMU Sacco to operate along these routes, deflating pride of the most hated sacco in Central region.

kigumo travellers used mungiki to frustrate competition.

NAMU has come with better services and pimped up matatus. Commuters have lauded the move and many have vowed never to board Kigumo Travellers matatus.

NAMU has ventured into Kigumo route with nganyas and good services.

“It is a new dawn. Kigumo Travellers operators were arrogant, vulgar and used gangs to suppress our voices and that of other operators” Martin Kariuki, a regular commuter said.

They had monopoly such that even matatus from other sides and from Nairobi hired to take people to Kigumo were harassed and forced to bribe Mungiki guys.

Past attempts to break the monopoly and bring other operators were frustrated using thugs and a politician who used his powers to strengthen their wayward ways.

Kigumo Travellers is despised along Thika Road. Traffic Department has listed it as the most errant sacco and in some stages like Githurai 45 and Downtown Nairobi they are chased away.

Kigumo Travellers crew breaking traffic laws along Thika Superhighway.

As NAMU ventured into the routes boldly and welcomed with jubilation, some vehicle owners and their drivers have hinted of joining the new ship.

“Obviously drivers, conductors and investors will jump out of Kigumo Travellers. They too have suffered in hands of untouchable managers. If NAMU offers the best and their crews are not compromised, Kigumo Sacco will die slowly” a matatu owner hinted.



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