Janet Mbugua’s brother reveals how he wanted to commit suicide


Actor and musician Kelvin Mbugua who is brother to popular TV personality Janet Mbugua wanted to kill himself in July 2007 but changed mind as he was about to buy poison.

Mbugua who acts as Richard in Mali Soap Opera was then depressed and while traveling from Mombasa to Nairobi in a train he made a decision to commit suicide.

He pulled down the train’s window and started throwing out his belongings. By the time he reached Nairobi he had lost all his luggage.

Kelvin Mbugua playing in Mali Soap Opera.

He started looking for corrosive or poisonous stuff to end his life. He went into several shops.

“I reached at a hardware store and looked at the toxic bottles and realised that I was not well. I called my mother, father and everybody in the family rallied behind me,” he disclosed on ‘Here & Now’ show on NTV. The new show is hosted by Janet.

He was suffering from depression but faked a good life for years.

Mbugua who owns The Kelvin Samuel Company which deals with entertainment and branding revealed that depression got him while he was still young and all along he faked a good life.

“Even family and people closest to me could not tell what I was going through” he said.

He advised; “Darkest moment in your life is a sign you are about to evolve. The night is always darkest before the dawn”. (Full Interview Below).

Janet said the interview with him was a difficulty moment. She said Mbugua’s story will help many cope with mental illness.


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