Maurisio Montcalli at Kiambu court.

An Italian man who was filmed as he slapped a white lady in an estate along Kiambu road has been arrested and arraigned in court.

The old man identified as Maurisio Montcalli was recorded on a mobile phone by neighbours at Edenville estate as he attacked a neighbour who had a verbal altercation with him.

The video went viral on Twitter over the weekend forcing Directorate of Criminal Investigations to hunt for him and was arraigned in Kiambu court.

It was unclear what provoked the heated exchange of words before Montcalli slapped her in presence of a security guard and neighbours.

Screenshot of the moment Montcalli slapped his female neighbour

At the court the magistrate ordered he be taken to hospital for treatment before taking plea.

It was claimed he sustained injuries after other residents attacked him.

In the clip he is heard shouting; “You understand…You understand…I know you’re brilliant…where is my daughter…I know my daughter.”. (Watch video below).


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