Murang'a Women Rep Sabina Chege arriving in Kieni, Nyeri County.

Murang’a Women Representative Sabina Chege is in another league. Swimming in opulence as she traverse her county and beyond.

She is the talk of town with political pundits wondering what’s is her ultimate goal.

Unlike her fellow legislators, Sabina is using a private helicopter to run her development and political errands and this has some people talking and some restless.

Is she the new ‘Ms. Moneybags’ in town? it seems so. The pro-Uhuru legislator is seemingly well bankrolled and is on a mission that has pro-Ruto politicians still guessing.

Sabina Chege aboard the helicopter she is using to run her errands.

“She is moving around in a helicopter at a time her fellow legislators seem broke and silent. I think she is on a mission to carry out Uhuru’s agenda but truly Sabina is loaded” a fellow politician hinted.

Four days ago she flew to Kieni, Nyeri County to join area MP Kanini Kega for a medical camp event.

In December she flew to Baringo County in private helicopter (Video Below) on another mission beyond her Murang’a backyard.

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Since the second-term legislator broke ties with Deputy President William Ruto and re-joined President Uhuru Kenyatta’s camp, goodies have followed her. It is not that cheap to rent a helicopter.

She is traversing Murang’a on development mission and it is felt she is putting a foundation for gubernatorial or Senator’s post but extending her benevolence beyond Murang’a is raising questions.

Because she is the vocal leader in Murang’a on Uhuru’s side it is suspected she is being supported by the big office to undertake some missions on the grassroots and neighbouring counties.


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