Is EkaBet collapsing? their website has been pulled down


Things are not good at EkaBet, one of the remaining betting companies in the country.

After the big players like Sportpesa and Betin exited the local market after issues arose between them and government, EkaBet alongside others were left to take the huge chunk of the market.

But recent happenings indicate the locally-owned EkaBet is headed for hard times, with its system collapsing.

For four months their website has been down raising fears if the company is slowly exiting the market. Also a twitter account said to be theirs has been suspended.

Ekabet website down.

Last it the company established odds boost to win more bettors to their side but from inside sources, failures there seem to dislodge them market share they had attained.

Though worldwide businesses including betting companies have suffered due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it raises questions why EkaBet would have the not-so expensive to maintain site be down for such long.

Twitter account suspended.

Other sites like Betika, Betway and even smaller companies like 22bet and others are working.

A staff says they are wondering if the well-known tycoon behind it is planning to quit the business and focus on his established empire. Word has it that EkaBet has been sold to a local microfinance.

………….more to follow about this sale.


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