Imprint Gaturi residents believe is Cain’s trouser

The Imprint Gaturi residents claim is Cain’s trouser

An engrave shape of a trouser and belt on a rock in Gaturi, Murang’a County is believed by some locals to be items the Biblical Cain left behind after a shower on a nearby river.

Residents say the imprint has been there for decades and now want county government to protect it from skinning away.

It is unclear how the engrave came about. Old people alive claim it was still there when they were born.

Imprint in Gaturi believed to be Cain’s trouser

“It has been there since we were born but how it came about baffle us. Archaeologists can study it and find out how old it is and how it was formed” says 60-years-old Chege Githeru.

But some claim Cain rested on the rock near Ndurumo river after a shower but he forgot to take away his trouser, shoes and belt he had placed there to dry.

“Cain forgot the items after he showered at the river bank”

Paul Kuria, 44 claims “Our ancestors told us he forgot them there and after staying uncollected for decades they formed the imprint on the rock”.

They claim the place attracted tourists in the 1990s but now seems to have lost appeal.

Others like Joseph Kariuki claim it just normal imprint that took shape of a trouser. “I see nothing big about it. It is just nature and its wonders” says Kariuki.


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