I paid Sh4K for a litre of sanitizer initially sold at Sh300, Kinangop MP laments

Nyandarua MP Zachary Kwenya.

With Coronavirus confirmed in Kenya, some crooked businesspeople are making lots of money by exploiting customers looking for hand sanitizers.

Hand sanitizers have been recommended to help control spread of the virus. This has opened floodgates to exploitation by those stocking them.

Prices of these items have been hiked 10 times and one such person who was ripped off is Kinangop MP Zachary Kwenya.

Kwenya revealed he bout his at 13 times higher than the recommended price.

Prices of sanitizers have gone up rapidly.

“At a local chemist I was sold a litre of sanitizer for Sh4, 000 yet before this virus hit us it was going for just Sh300” Kwenya lamented.

The prices of masks that were retailing at Sh100 or less has gone upto to Sh1, 000.

Many shoppers have faced this hurdle even when buying the smallest sanitizers.

Kwenya urges the government to come in and protect the buyers from exploitation.


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