I don’t believe there is God or Satan-Kioi Junior

Gibson Kioi alias Kioi Junior

Kikuyu secular musician Gibson Kioi alias Kioi Junior has revealed he is an atheist and to him there God or Satan.

Kioi Junior, 30 is a civil engineer and a promising musician and he insists there is no evidence to prove there is God, Satan or Hell.

“When I read the whole Bible I found hundreds of contradictions. A lot of hogwash that is not traceable or demonstrable. It has anecdotes without evidence. Whenever I ask believers about some things in the Bible some become hostile and resort to insults. I can’t prove if there is God but still I can’t believe there is one because I have no evidence” Kioi says.

Kioi Junior.

“It requires reading the Bible with open mind to become an atheist. I read it and decided not to take lies in there. I find atheists genuine than believers, especially in businesses. I made some of my friends become atheists” he adds.

He has read the Bible, Quran, Book of Mormons and Egyptian Satanic Commandments. He says he found no prove what majority of people believe in.

“A pastor told me I only focus on bad side of the Bible. So the book has bad side they hide us? That is like telling me the food is good but has little poison but I should focus on good side and eat it” Kioi poses.

Kioi Junior performing.

Kioi junior is member of Global Atheist Republic headquartered in USA. He is father of one and his wife he says is okay with his stance on religion.

He is a nephew of popular singer Kamande wa Kioi. Brothers with musician Magua Kioi and cousins with gospel singer Elijah Miller.


  1. You can never read the Bible like a Novel and expect to understand anything.
    Things written in it are mysteries that require revelation from the only author(GOD) for you to understand.

    There is no way Darkness can withstand light… Never!
    If you try to mix darkness and light you end up confused…..

  2. Siku moja Kioi atahubiri huyu Mungu anayemkataa. He will be the best preacher. Remember God changed Saul to Paul and became the writer of this word the bible he does not believe in. I speak the word of God upon you and he find a way to change you and he use you for salvation of his people. Kioi you will preacher mark this today 1st November 2019.

  3. I would rather live beleiving there is God to later die and find out that there was none, than to live beleiving there is no God to later die and find out that there was.

  4. Comment:kioi wimenyerere muno dukaingirio kwa devo woshiper oukihenagio ati gutiri ngai kari we weyumbire wimenyerere tondu tiwe wikinyitie hau na agienda ngoro yaku nitagubusia kwa ritho nidakuiguira thaa muno tondu we urarora mbia iria winasio ukeyona tari we weyumbire ngai arokugworiri kumumenya


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