Jose Gatutura.

Leading Kikuyu musician Jose Gatutura has spoken after shocking claims emerged on social media that he had been involved in a fatal accident.

Some reckless bloggers had taken to social media to peddle allegations that the artist nicknamed Mashete was no more.

The claims alarmed his fans and fellow musicians embarked on finding more details about the claims only to find Gatutura is ok.

On his Facebook page he assured his fans he was okay and urged them to avoid some irresponsible bloggers out there harbouring ill motives.

“Just seen some news trending about me been involved in a road accident, please don’t concentrate much from bloggers, because some might be misleading you, please don’t be worried…i am so much okay, God has been always my protector and He Will continue to be” he told his fans.

It has become a trend by some careless, malicious bloggers and people on social media to post alarming claims about popular personalities.


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