How Team Mafisi in Kikuyu tribe were made at hyena’s den

Love-seeker wanted desires like hyena's greed.

Men who yearned to have a crowd of women and keep chasing more for sexual pleasure were there in Kikuyu community decades ago.

Such men, in today’s slang called Team Mafisi were however despised in Kikuyuland. For them to have powers over women they were given used dangerous charms and to get such was conducted secretly by a magician.

To get those powers they had to denounce earthly belongings and accept to lose respect in the community.

Interviews done by Gikuyu Bulletin established that this initiation was held at hyena’s hole because this sexual desire is akin to fisi’s greed.

Initiation ritual was done at hyena’s hole. [Photo: Courtesy]
This love charm called (Marĩria or Mũnyĩnyĩ). Its demerits included being unable to own land, animals or decent home. Barred from holding any leadership post and being shunned by age-mates.

“Love-seeker put his head inside hyena’s hole as magician hit his buttocks with magical bag”.

“You lost respect in society, possessions and your entire life was to chase women and have sex. Awful life than that of ciumbani we have today. Not many men wanted this charm” Kikuyu elder Mwangi wa Njiru revealed.

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The ritual ceremony involved only the magician and his client. Holes lived by hyenas were preferred because this spirit of craving resided there.

“Such areas were suited for initiation of powers of attraction and enticement. Such extreme love and sex desires would only exist in dwellings of hyenas” Njiru told Gikuyu Bulletin.

How the ritual was performed

According to the book “Facing Mount Kenya”, magician with his charms inside a small bag took the love-seeker into the bush. Instructed him to sit while facing the hyena’s hole, then magician placed his hands and called out for the spirits.

He asked spirits to occupy the man’s heart. He repeated this seven times while swinging his magical bag above his client’s head.

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He then ordered him to kneel down and put his head inside the hole. Then struck him thende (buttocks) with bag carrying charms.

While doing this he told the client to swear to pursue love and sex hungrily and never to desire any property.

The love charms enabled man to have many women as possible. [Photo: Courtesy]
Once he swore this he was instructed to stand, look upward and magician pointed to the sky with his right forefinger and declared;

“Your heart shall be as wide as the sky, you shall have as many girls to love as there are stars in the heaven.”

After this he made some cuts on client’s joints then rubbed in love magic to mix with the blood.

Finally client was given a mixture of love magic to drink to prepare his organs for relentless intimacies. And from here his life of pursuing pleasure kicked off.


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