How name Muchatha came about

Muchatha-Place of Michatha trees.


Muchatha is a name conversant with many Kenyans irrespective of their ethnic background. And not because all of them know this place in Kiambu but it is how this name is used to denote shags.

Somebody saying he/she is heading to Muchatha they are very likely talking about their villages.

Interestingly is how the name Muchatha came a tree. This place in Kiambaa was initially called Gituamba but after colonialists kicked locals out they moved to nearby areas full of Michatha trees.

They cleared these trees and started living there. They would say they live in Muchatha (A place of Michatha). They had not officially called this place so but when legendary musician Paul Wanganangu, a resident sang in praise of their new village, calling it Muchatha they liked it.

High-end side of Muchatha.

“In 1960 I did Gituamba Kia Muchatha song and then Ndiari Rui Maithinga that I praised Muchatha ladies. They were my hit songs and they made name Muchatha popular. Locals liked it and we made it the name of this area” Wanganangu recollects.

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After independence some people went back to Gituamba and changed it to Muchatha. Today it is an expanse area that houses low and middle-class people.

musician Paul Wanganangu. His songs gave Muchatha prominence.


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