How Mutheca Itu frightened Orengo when they met after elections

Orengo shivered and on saying hi he walked away

Mutheca Itu meeting Nasa leader Raila Odinga last year.

Nairobi Business Community leader General Sebastian Mutheca Itu rattled Nasa followers and leaders when he commanded about 1, 000 pro-Jubilee youths to patrol city streets to subdue looters in 2017.

The dreadlocked businessman whose real name is James Maina was darling of Jubilee leaders and supporters but section of rival politicians led by Siaya Senator James Orengo branded them Mungiki. But an encounter with Orengo later he says shivered the Senator.

Mutheca Itu has opened up to Gikuyu Bulletin how being called Mungiki agonised his family and especially when rumours spread that he was wanted by police, then photoshopped images of him in military uniform during Kisumu chaos emerged and later allegations he was shot dead.

Senator James Orengo was scared when he encountered Mutheca Itu

He says though Orengo ranted they were an outlawed gang, when Nasa leader Raila Odinga invited Mutheca Itu for a handshake Orengo was unable to look him in the face.

“On seeing me Orengo shivered and on saying hi he slipped away” recalls Mutheca Itu.

They met again during Kenneth Matiba’s burial in April last year and again Orengo shook his hand but kept a distance, looking him through corner of his spectacles.

“He still fears me but I don’t have grudges with him. We went to the streets to protect our businesses and helpless Kenyans. We achieved it and now we have peace. Baba is now my friend as well Nasa and its followers. Calling us Mungiki was aching but we endured it” he says.

Business Community patrolling city streets during 2017 poll chaos


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