How Inooro TV reporter escaped death after he quit police job

Frederick Muitiriri was a policeman.

Inooro TV reporter Frederick Muitiriri worked as a policeman (Number 85428) before he joined media and one time he escaped death narrowly in the hands of unruly matatu operators shortly after he quit police in 2008.

Muitiriri who worked with Radio Maisha before moving to Inooro TV was coming from Meru at night in a matatu that wanted to carry excess passengers but as a good ex-cop he attempted to stop that vice.

He alerted police manning a roadblock and what was to end well became a ruckus that nearly had him lynched by goons.

Frederick Muitiriri at Inooro TV studio.

“Mimi na upolisi wangu nikakataa mtu wa nne yeyote kuingia. It was late in the night, the passengers plus konkodi and the driver were furious with me. mimi na kichwa changu kingumu, we got to a police road block and I told the driver to stop niongee na polisi. Jamaa akasimamishwa akakataa” he narrates.

Frederick Muitiriri when he was a police officer.

Muitiriri adds; “We ended up driving into some remote area coz the cops were after that vehicle… Eventually tulifika Mwea… Wakasimamisha kwa petrol station, by this time everyone was breathing fire, I was almost lynched. I was bungled out of the mat, beaten up and left at the petrol station.. In fact I was saved by petrol station attendants”.

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Muitiriri was in Kiganjo Police Training College in 2005 but he quit three years later, joined Kenya Institute of Mass Communication to pursue broadcast journalism.

Muitiriri (circled) with colleagues while at Kiganjo Police Training College.


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