How father tried to sneak his baby out of KNH

Bonface Murage at Milimani Law Courts. He is charged of trying to smuggle her daughter out of KNH to escape bill. [Photo: Citizen Media]

Faced with a hospital bill of Sh56, 937 after his daughter spent a month at Kenyatta National Hospital, Boniface Murage devised a way to dodge the heavy fee but it backfired at the last point.

On Saturday he put his daughter in a carrier and walked out but was spotted by haw-eyed security guards and arrested.

The daughter had healed but the 22-year-old father was unable to meet the medical bill. He was arraigned at Milimani Law Courts and charged with attempting to smuggle his daughter out.

Before the Judge he admitted he was escaping with his daughter because he did not have money to settle the bill. He said he feared his wife and daughter would be detained there, suffering and accruing more bill.

His family is now restrained in the hospital as Murage awaits ruling tomorrow. Kenyans have taken on social media, sympathising with him and some ready to help him raise the money.

Kenyatta National Hospital where Murage’s wife and daughter are still detained. [Photo: KNH]
Grace Makhisa Leteni paybill asaidike… Kenyans for kenyan. I totally understand him

Anne Mwicigi The government should be enjoined in that case it’s the duty of the government to ensure citizens have access to health care

Norwood Interiors The judge handling his case should make history by paying that bill aone God blessings instantly

Mirriam Mwende That’s just a crime of love, he’s a wonderful dad, paybill please and I’ll send whatever i have.

kenneth oborah‏ @amukah This is the saddest story… Why arrest an individual who is not able to clear Health bill.Where do the arresting Officers expect him to get the money,when the Government is busy making Kenyans poor and poo

NjeriMuiruri‏ @Nje_Muiruri He should be released immediately..if one cannot even afford to pay 500 for NHIF where do they expect him to get 56k?


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