Hand sanitizers to be distributed for free released

Government-made hand sanitizer.

Government has manufactured hand sanitizers that will be given out for free to help control spread of Coronavirus.

The sanitizers with government logo and instruction that are not for sale are now ready and will be distributed from now.

Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua had pledged to have them manufactured to also protect Kenyans from being exploited by crooked businesspeople who hiked the prices of sanitizers.

The alcohol-based sanitizers were manufactured by the State Department for Petroleum and players in the oil industry.

Government sanitizers.

“KPC will liaise with the oil industry players, who have expressed willingness to produce the sanitizers, for the expedited manufacture and distribution. Further, KPC will implement an accountability framework to ensure that the ethanol is utilized for the manufacture and distribution of the sanitizers,” Kinyua promised.

Kenyans have paid tenfold for hand sanitizers in the last few days, especially when some people went on panic buying after the case was confirmed in Kenya.

Kinangop MP Zachary Kwenya revealed he is one of many people who have been exploited but ended up buying a litre of hand sanitizer for Sh4, 000 yet its initial price was Sh300.


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