Graveyard crosses planted outside a home in Mathioya

Crosses planted outside a home in Mathioya. [Courtesy]

A family in Wambwe village of Mathioya, Murang’a county found two graveyard crosses planted and cemented at the door of their houses this morning.

Also their houses had been surrounded with human faeces in what looks like some witchcraft or warning of a kind.

One of the crosses bore the name of a Stephen Chege Makumi who was buried in June 2012 aged 92 years. The other cross was plain.

Shocking crosses cemented last night in this home in Mathioya.

It is suspected the people behind the bizarre act are relatives who are beefing with the said family over inheritance. It is however unclear what the message they were sending home.

Priscilla Nyakiiga said she woke up to the shocking act and is yet to figure out who did it, why and how they will sort it out.

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The labelled cross she said was plucked from the grave of her in-laws who lives nearby.

Johnson Kamau, a family member said the person who did it was allegedly naked wearing only a sack.

Stanley Kagundu claims it was him defecating around the house.

However, the head of the home Stanley Kagundu claimed it was him who was diarrheaing around the house because he could not make it to the latrines. He however did not explain the presence of the shocking crosses.

“I told my wife I was unwell. The whole night I was getting out, defecating all over because I could not reach the toilets” Kagundu purported.


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