Governor Mutua promises 5 million jobs if elected President in 2022


Machakos County Governor Dr Alfred Mutua has declared his presidential bid for 2022 with jobs promise should he carry the day.

Mutua is serving his second term as a governor and now wants to go for the big seat.

While launching his bid for the big office at Mlolongo on Sunday, Mutua poked holes into how Kenya has been governed since independence.

“Sixty years after independence, the dream of a prosperous Kenya where no one is left behind, where hard work is rewarded FAIRLY and properly and where dreams come true, is still an illusion” he stated.

He promised to deliver millions of job, a huge pledge that has not been made before by presidential contenders.

“Kenyans do no want siasa ya mdomo. Kenyans want a doer. We are tired of government plans that never get implemented” he said, promising;

“As the President of Kenya, I will create 5 million jobs in the first three years, I will build roads and highways in every constituency and maintain new ones to create an environment for growth, Our education system will produce young and dynamic citizens who will find jobs waiting for them”.

Adding on his pledges he went on; “We will roll back poverty and restore dignity to all regardless of where you were born or your social or political dispensation. I will eliminate bureaucracy, cut wastage and enable our business community to thrive in a predictable environment that rewards success not corruption”

“Under my leadership, you will only require 14 days to get all your licenses and approvals to start your business and politicians will never again steal public land and sell the same land back to Government” he vowed.

Mutua who will be using Maendeleo Chap Chap driver as his vehicle is using the slogans; “Mutua Ni fresh”, “A Fresh Movement” and “Fresh Na Mutua”

“The Kenyan Computer has frozen. Computer ya Kenya IMEHANG and Kenya needs a reset – a reboot. We need to start AFRESH. We need to change the way things are done and the way leaders serve. We need something new – A FRESH START – A FRESH MOVEMENT. If we don’t, fifty years from today we will be asking the same questions we are asking today while languishing in poverty as the rest of the world leaves us way behind” Mutua stated.


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