Pupils of Mungai Primary School learning under a tree. [Photo: Courtesy]

Pupils of Mungai Primary School in Gatundu North have resulted to learning under mango tree to avoid deaths in nearly falling classrooms.

The rooms are in dilapidated state, with huge cracks and it is just matter of time before they collapse.

School management says they opted that alternative to avoid loss of lives should the buildings collapse while learners are around.

Cracked walls of Mungai Primary School in Gatundu North.

This comes three days after building of Precious Talent Academy in Dagoretti collapsed on Monday killing seven and injuring over 50 pupils.

Gatundu North MP Wanjiku Kibe admitted the school and similar others are in deplorable condition but funds for renovating them have been delayed.

“I’m well aware of the state of Mungai Primary school in my constituency Gatundu North which is in a very bad state like many other of our primary schools in the constituency. As indicated in the NG- CDF code list below for Gatundu North, we have already allocated Sh 4.6m in the 2018/19 FY for extensive renovations of the school” Wanjiku said.

Gatundu North CDF code list showing Mungai Primary School has been allocated money for renovations.

She claimed that implementation has been delayed by the transfer of the CDF Manager who is the implementing officer.

“We had to await posting of a new one. I’m happy to report that a new Fund manager reported to work this week and procurement process will begin immediately to enable renovations work to be done” She assured residents.


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