Impostors con by faking to help Lucy Wangunjiri’s family she ‘left to date Sonko’

The con claims Wangunjiri is dating Sonko after she abandoned her family

The con-leader Winnie Muthoni Munga

Police are looking for group of fraudsters led by a lady identified as Winnie Muthoni Munga conning people by lying that Evangelist Lucy Wangunjiri’s family is suffering and need financial help.

Muthoni, 25 from Gathanga in Kiambu claims she lives with Wangunjiri and lies that the evangelist hooked up with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, abandoned her husband and son who are sick and in bad state.

The con game was exposed after a lady identified as Joyce Wairimu, living in United Kingdom confronted Wangunjiri with an email asking her why she was threatening her family and extorting her to stay good life with Sonko.

The con woman Winnie Muthoni Munga

An equally shocked Wangunjiri got in touch with Wairimu and her relatives, only to learn that the Muthoni-led cons impersonated the evangelist, her husband Lameck Ngunjiri and Sonko. They created a scene Wangunjiri is living with Sonko in Runda and in same house a suffering Ngunjiri and amputated son, living in misery as evangelist enjoyed life with Sonko.

Wairimu, who was convinced to help the ‘suffering’ family had lost over Sh1 million to these fraudsters by last week when she flew to Kenya to meet Wangunjiri and they report the matter to police.

But how did this scam begun? Muthoni the chief-schemer visited Wangunjiri’s Prayers Beyond Boundaries Ministries at Ngara last year claiming she lives in Canada and is fan of her show on Kameme FM. She requested for a selfie photo with Wangunjiri. A photo she has used to purport she lives with the evangelist. She has used it in her con game.

Evangelist Lucy Wangunjiri and her husband Lameck Ngunjiri

Wangunjiri thought she is based abroad but her friends say she lives in Kenya and claimed she worked for Sonko but was sacked and the Governor requested Wangunjiri to house her. To some like Wairimu who is her village-mate and friend, the narrative sounded true. Months later Wairimu was cheated that Ngunjiri and son were being tormented by Wangunjiri and Sonko and they needed financial help.

She gave Sh30, 000, then more and after some time these Sonko and Wangunjiri impostors started to threatened her with death and that of her mother and brother. She was warned not to alert police or media. She would pay over Sh1 million to have her relatives safe.

“All along she though it was me and real Sonko extorting her. The cons would fake our voices and even send her photos of dead people warning her they were next. They would put phone of loud speaker to hear my impostor and Sonko’s harassing my impostor husband” Wangunjiri said.

The con victims Joyce Wairimu (In glasses) and her mother breaks down after they met Evangelist Wangunjiri last week.

It is after they suffered financial and mental torture they decided to make their woes public, only to realise they suffered in hands of swindlers.

Wairimu has shared with Pangani Police contacts, money transactions and audio recordings in which Wangunjiri impostor says she doesn’t care as long she has Sonko in her life.

Now police are in pursuit of Muthoni and her accomplices as shocked Wangunjiri, husband and son try to figure out what was the motive and if there are other victims like Wairimu.



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