Fear as Cooperative Bank customers lose money in their bank accounts


What is wrong with Cooperative Bank, one of the leading financial institution in Kenya? this is the question being posed as details trickling out reveal a syndicate siphoning out money from some customers’ accounts.

Affected customers have been losing money from their accounts in questionable ways but the institution is slow and insincere in taking actions.

Inside word has it that the bank’s Information Technology system is weak and this has led to some customers losing their money to crooked staff and others to tech savvy criminals.

There has been motley of complaints from the customers but the bank led by able billionaire Gideon Muriuki has been mute to a point robbed customers have camped on their social media pages to vent out their pains.

Cooperative Bank CEO Gideon Muriuki.

Their customer Liz Mesh raised concerns how her money has been siphoned from her bank account and even identified the suspected criminal.

“Nisaidieni kuna mtu anareduct my money from my account by the name Isacc Ochieng. Mini statement inaonyesha ivo then we share the same account” Liz Mesh posted on the Coopt’s Facebook page.

Beatrice Mukami said she fears she would loose her saving in her account there after she started losing money without explanations.

“Poor customer care services.. the worst bank ever. how dare you debit my account without my authority. Meaning one day I might find my account empty” Mukami lamented.

Her cries were echoed Elizabeth Namanze who claimed she has experienced the same.

“I am sailing on the same boat with and this is the second time…I have been reluctant with shifting to another bank bt now I think am ready the worst bank indeed” Namanze posted.

This is the same situation the Cooperative’s closest competitor Equity Bank was in. Affected and prone customers are wondering who will rescue them if the situation escalates without proper action from the bank.

“We trust our monies with the bank but how safe are we if the Cooperative Bank’s IT system keep messing us this way? we cannot continue to lose our money because of their messed-up way of doing things” Anthony Maina a customer declared.


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