Fascinating facts about Njugush the comedian

Wakavinye sold clothes and sponsored Njugush at college and home


Comedian Njugush is a household name but did you know his real name is Timothy Kimani Nderu?

Njugush is son of a pastor. He was schooled in eight Primary Schools because of nature of his father’s work. They kept moving from one place to another. It was nomadic job.

He went to Naaro High School in Kandara, Murang’a where acting and funky were just a dream. At Naaro he was nicknamed “Ving’arishi”.

A young Njugush

It was however at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication College in Nairobi’s South B estate he nurtured his acting talent. He made a name at KTN’s Hapa Kule and Housewives of Kawangware shows.

Njugush (far right) at Naaro High School

You love his humorous videos on Youtube and Facebook, teasing and ridiculing “Wa Kavinye”. Well, Wakavinye, her real name Celestine Ndinda is Njugush real wife. He wedded her in December 2016 at PCEA Evergreen in Runda.

Interesting how the couple augers well in entertainment world. It even gets interesting how they met.

Njugush pulling a comic stunt

Njugush wanted to date Celestine’s friend. One time her phone was off she reached Njugush through Celestine’s line to say “good night”. Njugush responded and with that guy’s uchokozi nature he started chatting with Celestine instead of her friend he eyed.

Njugush shooting advert with his wife Celestine Ndinda alias Wakavinye

The rest as they say is history. At one time Njugush was broke like hell, sleeping on floor with a thin mattress but Celestine stick with him. She sold clothes and sponsored Njugush at college and back home. What a love.

The couple lives in a gated maisonette in Ruiru.

Njugush and his wife’s wedding in Runda December 2016.
Njugush and wife happy moments.
Njugush with his son


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