Expert advises women to dump G-strings for granny panties

Hygiene Expert Valentine Nyakiere explaining advantages of granny panties. [Courtesy]

They are old-fashioned, not sexy but the big, saggy inner-wears branded “granny panties” or “mothers’ union” are the safest for women says an expert.

Hygiene Expert Valentine Nyakiere says this ‘oversize’ pantie is the ideal for safety as opposed to the popular G-string she says causes vaginal infection and creates passage of bacterial from the anal area to the genitals.

Nyakiere says the mothers’ union undies serve the best well-being of ‘Miss Victoria” but the modern generation of ladies go for the tight innerwear that reveals more and have sexual fascination.

“Women should keep off thongs and G-strings. They may be trendy but most times transmit bacterial infection from anus to the genitals because the undies are much in touch with anus” she says.

Granny pantie Vs G-string.

She says G-strings are meant for entertainment purposes so that wearer can expose much skin as possible to the sun but most women thin is a garment to walk in, day-today.

“Tight underwear harm the vaginal area and if the undies are made of synthetic fabrics like nylon they retain moisture that with warmth in genital region promote faster growth of pathogenic bacteria” she says.


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