EkaBet boosted odds changing betting ways


What are boosted odds? majority of bettors always use boosted or enhanced odd whenever they are plotting to stake the bet.

ekaBet Operations Manager Sharon Kibuthu says Odds Boost always moves the odds in favour of the bettor, increasing their chances of winning.

She says that there are times where odds are boosted enough that the football enthusiastic will actually forgo their entire activity for a specific event.

“At ekaBet, an Odds Boost opportunity could be an increasing the payout, point spread or totals (over) bet on a certain game. Additionally, we also offer increased odds to customers on a certain player or team prop” she says.


According to her, enhanced ekaBet odds allow punters to get as much as times ten times higher than the regular odds, which translates into a very nice profit. They have initiated workshops across Kenya to educate on responsible betting.

“At ekaBet there are many strategies we have put in place such as awarding loyalties to punters we also try to briefly explain an easy way of utilizing odds boosts to enhance your profit. Using price boosts to improve your betting experience is awesome since it offers you many alternatives” she says.

She adds that to open an account one need to visit ekaBET website then click on “Register” in the top-right corner, fill in the registration details and follow the given steps.

“You can also chose to send SMS with “signup”, “register” or “accept” to 29232” she notes.


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