Patrick Hinga when he was rescued from the streets by Wanja Mwaura (left) and after rehabilitation. [Photo: Courtesy]

Patrick Hinga, the street urchin and drug addict who was rescued by Wanja Mwaura, a nurse and his former schoolmate died today morning. Wanja announced death of the 35-year-old Hinga but did not disclose what happened.

“With deep sorrow I want to inform you that Hinga has rested. He passed on this morning. I don’t have the strength to say much right now. R.I.P my friend” she posted.

The day Wanja Mwaura bumped on Patrick Hinga in Wangige Market. [Photo: Courtesy]
Wanja rescued Hinga from the streets in October 2017 when they bumped on each other at Wangige market in Kiambu County. They were schoolmates at Primary level in 1990s.

those days hinga was a great footballer and was nicknamed pele.

When they met over 10 years later Hinga was in awful state. Emaciated, confused and was rummaging through garbage to earn something to buy drugs.

When Hinga was undergoing rehabilitation. [Photo: Courtesy]
The emotional reunion she shared on her Facebook page touched Kenyans. She initiated his rehabilitation that was supposed by well-wishers but Hinga’s condition see-sawed, at times he relapsed.

Shop opened for Patrick Hinga at wangige Market. [Photo: Courtesy]
Last year Hinga was gifted a fully stocked shop at Wangige market to make a fresh start. Later he was spotted doing rounds in the market, preaching and at times talking to himself.


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