“Do I drink with your mother?” Kuria asks critics.

Unaniita mlevi na sikunywi na mamako

Moses Kuria.

Critics of Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, particularly those touching on his love for the bottle tasted the wrath of Njamba ya Ruriri yesterday during live on Inooro TV interview.

Kuria was being interviewed about his criticism on President Uhuru Kenyatta failure to develop home, though has apologised.

However, the issue of his fond of using vulgar language popped up. And though referring to those who have questioned his drinking habits, he fired a response that caught the interviewer unawares.

The response in Kikuyu lingo was lethal.  It went; “……Kila mara unaniita mlevi na sikunywi na mamako” Kuria retorted. (Watch the video below)

He explained he resulted to insults and uncouth language because he has been labelled rude even when he is mannerly.

“Nowadays I prefer to throw insult first because as we proceed, even though I did or I did not throw insult I accused of being vulgar”.

“…Riu uhoro uyu wa kwanjia kwaria hindi ciothe ukanjita murebi I na tutinyuaga na nyukwa ri. Ndugatume hiuhirwo”-Kuria

Last week Kiambu Women Rep Gathoni Wamuchomba classed Kuria as an addicted drunkard who needed rehabilitation. Kuria responded to her insinuating she was in some debauched business and this was her season to ‘harvest’.

Moses Kuria and other revelers partying at Carnivore Restaurant in October last year. [Photo: Gikuyu Bulletin]


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