Disturbing state of Kerugoya hospital shock Kenyans

Dirty linen and rotting garbage dot the hospital. [Photo: Courtesy]

Eyesore, despicable and horrendous. This is how the condition of Kerugoya County Referral Hospital in Kirinyaga County can be described.

The hospital is in so lamentable state that if a disease outbreak hits the facility the impact would quake the county but the Anne Waiguru administration has turned a blind eye to it.

The county sacked casual workers and today the image that welcomes you is rotting garbage still inside the wards, dirty linen pilling up, blocked water sinks and toilets full of faeces and stinking water.

Blocked stinking toilet at Kerugoya hospital. [Photo: Courtesy]
There is no running water, smelly water is all over the wards, corridors, toilets, bathrooms and houseflies having a field day.

newborns more vulnerable, even sharing wards with tb patients.

Already some staff are nursing diarrhea, Hepatitis B and other infections. Some patients discharged have gone home having contracted other kinds of infections.

Rotting garbage inside the hospital. [Photo: Courtesy]
Kenya National Union of Nurses Kirinyaga County Paul Mwangi even worrying are the risks facing about 100 newborns who are sharing wards with Tuberculosis patients. Mwangi disclosed that some nurses have contracted diseases.

Dirty linen all over the hospital. [Photo: Courtesy]
After Citizen TV aired revealed the pathetic state of the county’s biggest hospital, Kenyans poured out their rage pointing accusing finger at Waiguru. The area Women Rep Purity Ngirici who rushed there after the exposé slammed the county administration.

Blocked water sink with stinking water. [Photo: Courtesy]
“There is nothing to smile about when our mothers and children are receiving treatment under deplorable conditions. This is not who we are, this is not what we stand for, this is not the Kirinyaga dream that we had envisioned” Ngirici stated.


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