Detectives arrest man behind laptop theft in Nairobi

Marckchris Wairura Kagiri who is behind stolen laptops in City Centre. [Photo: DCI]

Detectives from Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) raided a shop in the city centre and discovered over 40 expensive laptops stolen from city residents.

They also arrested Marckchris Wairura Kagiri, the mastermind of the theft who is said to buy the stolen laptops from armed members of Gaza, 40 Brothers and Tsunami gangs that are behind phones and laptops theft in the city centre.

The 27-year-old man from Ruaka in Kiambu County is said to work in cahoots with sex workers and other car-breakers. He buys the laptops from them at a cheaper price, clears the data and then resells them at higher prices.

Stolen laptops discovered from Kagiri’s shop in Kimathi House. [Photo: DCI]
He operated from a shop at Kimathi House, along Kimathi Street. He was cornered after the DCI officers tracked a stolen Macbook. Most of laptops discovered from his shop cost From Sh100, 000 when new. Used and stolen ones are sold for slightly over Sh50, 000.

“He buys those stolen by Gaza, 40 Brothers and Tsunami gangsters”

DCI has requested those who have lost laptops to visit their offices with documents to identify if theirs are among the discovered laptops.


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