Aerial view of Nairobi CBD. County has directed repainting of the buildings. [Photo: Courtesy]

Nairobi County government has embarked on a crackdown on buildings owners who have not repainted their properties as directed by the law.

Some of the houses targeted Loise house on Latema road, Jiame house along Haille Selasie, Karachi house (river road), Leon house (Tom Mboya), Contrast house and Ambassador house along Moi Avenue, commercial house cross road among others.

Nairobi City County headquarters.

Already over ten people have already been arrested and charged in court for contravening the Public Health Cap 242 and County By-Laws that requires them to repaint their buildings after every two years.

Acting County Secretary Leboo Morintat said those being targeted for arrest are the owners of buildings, caretakers and the users of the buildings.

“We believe that they all read our notice which we published in the local dailies and that is why we are going for them,” Morintat said.

The County will shut down premises that have not been repainted and those involved charged accordingly.


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