Kimani Mbugua has shows on Citizen and Inooro TV.

Kimani Mbugua, a young journalist with Royal Media Services has retracted his earlier stance that Seventh Day Adventist Church is a cult.

Kimani who hosts “Broken News” segment on Citizen TV and “Wathii Ku?” on Inooro TV had recorded himself castigating SDA which he is a member.

“I was born in SDA and now I know that SDA is not a church. It is a cult” he said.

He added; “I was born that way and raised that way. This is the only thing I have known for about 20 years from when I was a child to when I was an adult, there was a path for me and I followed it diligently,” he argued. (See video below).

“I was anti-hugging, anti-sex.  I found it hard if I could have wife one day and have sex…” he revealed.

He dismissed its founder Ellen Gold White as fraud. His stance was received with mixed reactions forcing him to apologise hours later.

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“Am sorry guys, I have an apology to issue I am sorry for all the strong views I expressed against Adventists here in Kenya and across the world I will pull down all my posts and videos and retract my statements” he apologised.

Mbugua’s “Wathii Ku?” show on Inooro TV.

He went on; “I was angry and I will attend Maxwell SDA and issue an apology to all Adventists next Saturday. I hope you guys find it in you to forgive me for the pain I’ve caused I know it’s hard but I humbly seek your forgiveness. I was just an angry young man seeking answers, I will seek help to deal with all the anger issues am going through. May God forgive me for speaking against His anointed”.


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