Central politician wants Chiefs, Assistants subjected to transfers like other civil servants

Ichagaki MCA Charles Mwangi Ng'anga.

Mount Kenya MCA caucus chairman, Charles Mwangi Ng’anga from Muranga’s Ichagaki ward who recently donated his full April salary to National Emergency Response Committee in Fight Against COVID-19 has written to the ministry of interior requesting for the government to make it mandatory for chiefs and their assistants to be transferred just like other civil servants.

The MCA has said some administrators have been a hindrance to the fight against illicit brews as they are given kickbacks by brewers to turn a blind eye to their criminal activities.

This, he noted, is further worsened by the fact that the administrators overstay in their areas of work and rarely leave their positions which he said breeds familiarity between them and criminals.

Drunk woman in Murang’a

Mwangi said this just days after photos of youths in an apparent drunken stupor in his area did round in the social media.

He said the chiefs should operate just like other civil servants and be subjected to constant transfers to enhance their productivity.

In a letter copied to Principal secretary Kibicho Karanja, the MCA claimed that some even work with drugs peddlers and deter their arrest.

“Most of the Chang’aa brewers give protection fees to administrators which enables them to continue with their illegal activities unperturbed,” he said, adding that it should be mandatory for chiefs to be transferred.

Interior PS Karanja Kibicho.

He, however, noted that some administrators are unable to deliver as they should due to frustrations by their seniors who get compromised by criminals and release them after they are arrested.

“Some Assistant County Commissioners are even able to use their connections to cancel their transfers and become like ‘small gods’ after staying in their areas for too long,” he added.

Murang’a Deputy County Commissioner Mawira Mawinga has also been quoted saying that the issue of petty crimes and selling of changaa has increased despite the government scaling the effort to fight it.

“Even after I kept on asking from my ground officers about public complaints that the bar was operating, I was being fed lies. I had to show up in the town so as to ascertain who was telling the truth and unfortunately, my officers were lying to me,” he said at Maragua police station.

Charles commonly known as Ichagaki one by his supporters says that, Its not a wonder to find Assistant County Commissioner(ACC) working in collaboration with Chiefs and their assistants to defeat justice hence promoting corruption and crimes.


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